Older Workers Find New Opportunities After Being Laid Off

While ageism is real, it isn’t a topic that gets much attention from the media these days. In this new economy, it seems par for the course that older workers are to be replaced with newer workers who require less of a salary and will work more hours for fewer benefits. It is simply part of doing business; one of those bleak realities of our capitalist society, we’re told.

senior worker

For many of us who have devoted ourselves to a company or a career, this shift can be devastating. People have a tendency to get set in their ways, particularly older workers who have relied on routine for far too long to get by in the workplace. As such, it often takes a while to fully adjust to the changes. Once completed, however, many older workers find that there are ample opportunities waiting for them that they may have not realized before.

Many senior workers successfully make a shift to consulting, relying on their decades of experience which is still valuable in the work place. Companies will often hire contractors who have previously been employed by them, as they still need experienced personnel to provide assistance to new workers, helping them to get up to speed on current operations and protocol. While this transition to consulting sometimes produces less income than with the previous job, it also allows for great flexibility and independence. Consultants often report that their work life greatly improves, as they’re free to choose which jobs or tasks interest them the most.

Other older workers leave their previous fields altogether in order to follow a life-long passion or to explore the world. For them, it is time to experience a little bit of what life has to offer. As such, they’re only interested in producing enough income to pay for their expenses. For these workers, freelance work can be a great way to make enough money to live off of while they travel or devote themselves more to a hobby. As with consulting, freelance gives a greater degree of freedom than most workers have ever experienced before. You can generally choose which hours to work, as well as which projects to complete. Because of this, workers can earn a part time income that keeps their bills paid and food on the table, but also allows them plenty of time to explore other things in life.

Some people even turn hobbies into small businesses, often earning a full time income. The great thing about having such a hobby business is that it rarely feels like work, because you’re already doing something which you are passionate about. This motivation to work more helps to increase the likelihood of such a venture being successful.

Whatever you choose to do with your time after being laid off from work, it is important to remember that life doesn’t end at unemployment. As a matter of fact, it is just a change, one that is often positive when people reflect back on it years later. Not only do you finally have time to reassess your career path, but you can finally use the extra time to devote a little attention to your own needs also.

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