There is Always a Bright Side to Getting Fired

getting fired

So you’ve just been canned? Well, you’re probably feeling down right about now, with a crushed ego and plenty of worry to go around. The good news is that the world doesn’t end just because you’ve been fired. As a matter of fact, plenty of people have used getting fired as an opportunity to move on to something greater and more satisfactory in their lives. You too can see this as an opportunity to not only learn new things but to grow as a human being, perhaps even branching out and starting your own business.

Whether you’ve been fired through no fault of your own or for something you’ve done, you should at least take the time to make it a learning experience. Assess your own life and your own behavior. What are you good at doing? What are your inadequacies? Use this event as a moment of self reflection to get a better understanding of who you are as a person. Only then can you honestly decide where you should go from there.

The next step is to look at your own assets and decide how long you can remain jobless given your current monthly expenditures. Start cutting expenses down to a bare minimum. This isn’t the time for extravagant spending. At the same time, this shouldn’t keep you from exploring new avenues of interest. While you should cut services that you don’t use or need any longer, you should also not be afraid to invest in yourself in order to explore new possibilities.

Fortunately, there are several possibilities available for the recently unemployed. You may choose to go back to school, for example, to get additional training. This can not only be a great way to sit out a bad economy, but you’ll have the opportunity to study subjects that you find enjoyable. Financial aid is readily available, which will cover the majority of the costs of attending classes through community college. Best of all, you’re expanding your own world view, taking the time to learn more and getting a new perspective on life. The experience can be wonderful.

Alternatively, if you have enough capital, then it may be time to start your own business. Turning a hobby into a profitable business can allow for you to finally do something you love while being paid for it. The good thing about a hobby based business is that you’re always motivated to work more, as you’re doing something you enjoy. As a result, you’re able to produce an income while staying out of the corporate rat race. While you may not make as much as you did at your old job, the happiness that this type of lifestyle affords is often enough to make up for the pay cut.

Getting fired forces us to reassess our own lives, asking if we want to continue down the same path or make a drastic change. Regardless of which path you choose, you should at least take the time to think things through. Consider relaxing for a bit before you jump back into the rat race. Perhaps take a modestly priced vacation to help clear your head so you can think more clearly. While getting fired is certainly a setback, it can be an opportunity for us to put things in perspective. As such, we often emerge from the experience better than before.

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