More People Turn To Trade Schools As The College Degree Loses Its Luster

trade schoolWhile the majority of college graduates who received their degrees last May haven’t been able to find full time work within their fields of study, trade school graduates continue to see good prospects, with the bulk of students obtaining placement in their chosen field even before graduation. As more graduates discover that large portions of the economy have been outsourced or decimated by the recent economic downturn, the number of trade school applicants continues to grow. Not only are these increasing numbers from young students shirking the traditional education path but also older students looking for a new career. There are several advantages that trade schools offer over traditional colleges and universities. Here are just a few of them:


Obviously this is a big advantage today. The cost of obtaining a traditional college degree can put students tens of thousands of dollars in debt, which they have no hope of ever repaying without finding long term employment in their field. Of course, this is nearly impossible in many instances, so they simply end up defaulting on the loans. By contrast, a large percentage of trade school graduates don’t even have loans since tuition is so affordable. Those that do carry debt typically have less than ten thousand dollars to pay off. This is far more manageable and since the majority easily find work within their profession, they’re able to pay it off more quickly without incurring additional fees.

Better Job Placement

This has already been mentioned, but it can’t be emphasized enough. While the University graduate is expected to fend for themselves in a tight, unforgiving job market, the trade school graduate is usually placed for employment with companies before graduation. As a matter of fact, they’re likely to be interning with these companies throughout the training program. The reason for this difference is very simple: trade schools by definition are designed so graduates can find work quickly once finished. Four year university programs, by contrast, are designed for learning and developing critical thinking skills.

Job Security

This is perhaps the greatest benefit that trade schools offer to graduates. Since we live in a cutthroat capitalist society, any position which can be outsourced eventually will be sent overseas. Furthermore, any position that can be insourced, thereby saving the company money, will eventually be insourced. It is not a matter of if but when these jobs become unattainable for the average American. With trade school jobs like plumbing and carpentry, however, the work can’t readily be outsourced And while immigrant labor may undercut certain blue collar professions, since these jobs tend to be unionized, they’re better able to withstand these pressures. As a result, blue collar trade school graduates often have security that white collar professionals can only dream about.

The idea that everyone should have a four year college degree is a relatively new one that is losing favor in the marketplace. Obtaining a degree in a field of study for which there are few jobs can be absolutely disastrous, as you have no way of paying back a debt that will only grow as penalties are applied to it. Worst of all, student debt isn’t easily dischargeable through bankruptcy proceedings. So before you follow the same path as other students to University, perhaps you should at least consider the possibility of attending trade school instead. With all that they have to offer, it isn’t any wonder that more students are turning to them in order to obtain skills which are in demand in the current marketplace.

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