Unemployed College Grads Shouldn’t Forget Their Alma Maters

The majority of college graduates don’t realize that their former Universities are still required to provide career assistance. Lawmakers require them to do so, since it helps to lessen the number of former students who are unable to pay back their loans. If you’ve recently been laid off from work or simply can’t find a job after graduation, you should consider contacting your alma mater’s career resource center today for more information.

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There are several things that they can do to assist you in your job search. The first and foremost will be to provide advice about how best to present yourself to companies. Many recent graduates still don’t understand business etiquette well enough, which can sometimes lessen their prospects for finding gainful employment. At many school centers, former business owners and executives mentor younger people on how to make the best impression, including the proper things to say and do during different stages of the application process. This help can be invaluable at helping you open new doors of opportunity.

Another service involves going over your resume and giving tips on how to improve it. The sad reality is that the majority of recent graduates don’t really understand how to write an effective resume. Many of them don’t even see the point of having resumes anymore. Unfortunately, businesses are stubborn when it comes to change. So while the traditional resume may seem antiquated, it is here to stay for now. Therefore, the unemployed college grad simply has to learn how to write a resume. It isn’t as easy as many would imagine, and that is why help is provided through the career center.

Finally, they offer preparation for interviews. While interviews differ from one company to the next, there are usually similarities. Perhaps the portion that most college grads fear the most is the questions stage, where hiring managers ask a series of questions that have to be answered fully. For those who are in technical fields, these questions can be particularly demanding, as they may be used to gauge your knowledge of basic job requirements. For others, the questions can be tricky as well. Fortunately, those at your University job center have already gone through the process themselves and can help you to prepare for what to expect.

While it can often seem as though you’re on your own after college, that simply isn’t the case. The school wants you to succeed, as their ability to offer college loans to future students may be at risk if a large number of newly graduated students can’t find work. Therefore, they have resources available for your to take advantage of, which will only improve your chance of finally landing a job. So don’t stall or simply give up. There are plenty of opportunities out there waiting for you to take advantage of today.

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