How to Be More Aggressive in Job-hunting?

Job HuntingNot satisfied with the job opportunities that you’re getting? Maybe it’s time to be more aggressive with your job-hunting techniques. Being aggressive may seem unusual and can even be considered as a drastic approach but the advantage of this tactic is that it works as long as it is applied correctly and appropriately.

Don’t wait for the job postings to show up!

They say the early bird catches the worm and this goes the same for job searching. As an aggressive jobseeker your goal is to penetrate that hidden job market and your goal is to be ahead of the competition by finding the job opportunities even before they are posted to the public. You are simply giving yourself more burdens in the course of your job searching task if your plan is to wait for the job postings to show up. Most applicants and hopefuls are usually on the lookout for the next available job opening on boards and online search sites which means that you’ll be up for a challenge especially if other applicants have better credentials than you.

So how does one get a heads up of a possible job opening at a company? The answer to that is by having connections. Employers usually prefer to hire referrals from their own personnel since it is easier for them to find more qualified candidates using this method rather than making public postings.

Be bold and creative!

Doing something creative is one good tactic in getting the attention of employers. It gives you the edge and makes you stand out among other applicants who are mostly doing the conventional method like using a plain resume with a standard formatting procedure. By being aggressive, you can make use of an unconventional resume or be more creative on how you present yourself to recruiters.

Take advantage of modern technology

Technology has certainly made it easier to find more job opportunities today and by taking advantage of its features, you will be able to find results easily and more conveniently. Aside from using online job search sites, you can subscribe to its automated services where you can get alerts straight to your inbox. You can even configure the results according to your preferences in order to find the right career opportunities. Using this features saves you time in searching for new job openings and gives you more refined results which are beneficial to your profession.

Don’t hesitate to make an update!

Submitted your resume to the employer and you’re not getting any feedback? Make an update! Making a short phone call to check on the status of your job application won’t have a negative effect on it. In fact, this might even be an advantage for you. Employers are usually swamped with lots of resumes and there’s a possibility that they might have overlooked your resume from the beginning. With a simple phone call or email, you’re giving yourself a second chance to get noticed or even the advantage to get shortlisted for the position!

In the process of job-hunting, going aggressive has its advantages as it shows your determination to get the job and your strength of character as a leader. However, you need to be mindful on how aggressive you need to be as this could also have a negative impact on how employers see you as an applicant if you go beyond the limits. Keep in mind that your basic goal is to get interviews and not rejections.

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