Increase The Chances of Securing Your Job Interviews With These Simple Tips

Recruiters perform an important function by helping employers locate good candidates to fill positions available within their organizations. While they often work hard to help applicants to succeed also, the fact is they don’t have a lot of attention to pay to job seekers. Therefore, much of the process is still left up to the individual seeking employment. Fortunately, there are a few things that one can do in order to not only make the recruiter’s job more easy, but also to help the application move forward more quickly and increase the likelihood of successfully finding employment.
Tips For Job Seekers

Write A Unique Cover Letter For Every Company and Position
The cover letter should reference the company by name and the position to which one is applying. Beyond that, it should state why the applicant alone is the best person to fill the position given their relevant strengths and previous professional accomplishments. Since recruiters are working with hundreds and even thousands of different applicants, they don’t have time to pinpoint deficiencies or weaknesses in individual applications, and that includes analyzing the cover letter as well. The power rests solely with the applicant to make sure that the cover letter is well-written and to the point.

Observe Proper Etiquette During Interviews and Subsequent Follow Ups
The old saying is that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. Similarly, a recruiter can get applicants access to amazing opportunities, but they can’t hold their hands during the interview process. Observing professional etiquette is only fair given the amount of work and time the recruiter has put in to land one an interview. Applicants should show up on time, dressed appropriately, and ready to answer all inquiries from the interviewer.

Be Truthful and Straight Forward At All Times
There is nothing worse than embellishing a resume with accomplishments that aren’t based in fact. Not only will being found out destroy all hope of one ever securing employment from the company the resume has been submitted to, but it could also potentially damage the reputation of the recruiter as well. Respect is a two way street and one must show it in order to earn it. Start by stating the facts as to your own strengths and weaknesses. This will allow for you to work with the recruiter to find positions which best accommodate those strengths.

Make Up Your Mind and Stick With Your Decisions
Recruiters will more than likely want to know the areas of the country where you’re interested in pursuing employment opportunities, the salary range being demanded, and the types of responsibilities that one is seeking out. This helps for them to better narrow down the hundreds of different jobs available to those that best fit your individual needs, strengths, and career ambitions. Deciding all of these things beforehand will make the process more easier, but changing one’s mind too often will only disrupt the process and substantially reduce the likelihood of the recruiter finding relevant employment opportunities for the applicant.

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