Why Job Hoppers Make The Best Employees?

A job hopper is simply a worker who frequently moves around from one company to the next. The overwhelming majority of them are in their twenties and early thirties. While some believe that such frequent changes indicates a problem, studies have shown the exact opposite. In the majority of situations, job hoppers are simply more motivated to seek out interesting work than other employees. As such, they require regular changes in employment, lasting on average eighteen months at each job. Given the special situation, it is important that businesses recognize these unique people and take full advantage of their talents.

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Job hoppers are perhaps the most rational of modern corporate employees. This is proven by the fact that they, unlike many of their co-workers, understand all too well that corporations offer little to no job security. The only people today who still think that big business provides security for its workers are those who are simply too old to realize how things have evolved. Fortunately, a more rational and mature worker is just what any competitive corporation wants. Job hoppers understand fully well what their obligations are for employment, and don’t expect any special treatment when it comes time to cut staff or pay.

Of course, the main reason any company should want to hire a job hopper is they’re driven by intellectual pursuits. As such, these people will choose your company to apply for employment with because they’re genuinely interested in what the business does to produce income. These aren’t just looking for a paycheck. They can provide value and expertise that your company needs in this ultra competitive environment. Think of them as the good cowboy who comes to clean up a town and then rides away in the sunset. You’ll more than likely not be able to retain them for any more than a couple of years, but during that time you can put them to good use at improving your company’s efficiency and increasing sales.

You see, they’re the perfect employee. Unlike some workers who simply trudge into work each day and leave with little thought in between, these people thrive on challenges. So the more problems you can throw at them, the more likely it is that they’ll stay and find the solutions that you so desperately need. As a matter of fact, it is only when the job becomes boring or when management becomes too restrictive that the job hopper decides to jump ship and go on to the next opportunity.

Simply put, it is insane to hold frequent employment changes against an applicant, as you could be turning down the best person for the job. Instead, it is perhaps better to understand that change is good at all levels, including with staff. Frequent changes keep things interesting and helps to bring in new ideas. Job hoppers already understand this all too well. Perhaps it is time for business managers to realize it also.

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