Useful Tools for a More Productive and Organized Job Search

Stay Organized with These ToolsJob hunting? It is very important to stay on the ball and maintain your productivity in order to achieve better results. This might seem a challenge but with the help of these useful job search tools, you will be able to save time and keep yourself organized while searching for a job:

1. To-do lists

Making a list of goals is highly essential in job hunting even if it is just a short one. Making a list however in your memory is not a good habit as you tend to forget or skip the task making you less disciplined and focused. Having a concrete list of objectives gives you more push to accomplish the task and proceed to the next one on the list until all the tasks are completed.

Thanks to modern technology you can use your phone, tablet or computer to keep that list and not in a piece of paper anymore. A number of free apps are available for download especially for Android and iOS platforms. Here are some of the top apps that you might want to install on your device:

  • Remember the Milk
  • TeuxDeux
  • Google Keep

2. Resume templates

A resume is very important document that you need to have and it must be highly presentable in order for you to get noticed. Gone are the days when you have to create this document from scratch and stress yourself from creating a knockout resume. You can now use a resume template which is basically a readymade document where all you need to do is to choose a design, download the file and fill in the necessary details.

Various types of templates can be found online and you can choose one that is suitable for the kind of job you are applying for. Some offer simple and fast resume building services while some even allow integrating multimedia elements to further enhance your profile.

3. File-hosting services

Don’t remember where you saved that very important document that you need for your job application? Or maybe you left that USB flash drive which happens to have the only copy of your resume which you desperately need right now? A simple solution to avoid these kinds of dilemmas is to use a file-hosting service where you can store and access your documents online. Also called cloud storage, these types of services also allow you to sync your files with multiple devices so you can have the files that you need in an instant. There are a lot of file-hosting services that are available on the web today. Here are some of the most popular ones that offer free storage online:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • SkyDrive

4. Job search sites and applications

With the large number of applicants in the current job market, using job search sites can help you refine your job search. These sites offer tools that you can use to narrow down your searches based on specific parameters such as location, job category and salary. And with the current trend of everything going mobile, popular job sites such as Monster and JobStreet have their very own apps than can be installed on smartphones for your convenience. You can even sign-up for email alerts so you can be notified if there is a new job opening based on your preferences.

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