Things To Tweak On Your Resume Before You Send It Out

So you have that old resume stored on a flash drive or perhaps a hard copy printed out from several years ago? Well, things frequently change and businesses are more interested in seeing your recent achievements than ones from years before. While an old resume may not require re-writing, it certainly has to be tweaked before you send it out. And that means changing things around as well as updating information. Here are tweaks that you should consider before sending out the resume:
up to date resume

Highlight Your Most Recent Achievements

Since a well-written resume is short and provides little space for expounding on information, you may be required to remove older achievements that no longer have to do with your current career ambitions. Instead, you should focus only on highlighting those accomplishments which provide examples of why you’d be a good match for the position that you’re seeking.

Remove Older Jobs That No Longer Apply

By the time you reach mid-career, listing that internship you finished in your junior year of college may be a bit of a stretch. The fact of the matter is that workers go through several jobs over the course of a lifetime. So if every position held were to be listed, the resume would be several pages long. Instead, list the last three positions which were held. This will keep things simple enough and, once again, highlight your most recent experiences for hiring managers.

Customize Each Resume Sent Out

You want the resume to establish why you can complete the core requirements of the particular job you’re seeking better than other applicants. This typically means addressing each job’s requirements in the resume itself. Not only will the hiring manager be impressed with the fact that you didn’t simply use a cookie-cutter resume, but you’ll be able to use this particular tweak to your advantage, as you explain to managers how you can help the company to meet its goals. Consider addressing the concerns of the employer during this step.

Update All Address and Contact Information

Sending in a resume that contains invalid emails or phone numbers can be quite embarrassing as well as potentially disastrous. Hiring managers just don’t have a lot of time to track down applicants of interest. And since there are so many other applicants who are possible contenders for the position, the manager is just as likely to move on to the next qualified applicant as try and find you. So always keep the basic information up to date and correct.

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