The Art of Negotiating For A New Salary

So you’ve been a good worker for the company and now you wish to get rewarded with more money? Asking for a new salary is something which many people want to do but simply don’t know where to begin. It can be a very intimidating asking management for more money, especially in this current economy where it seems like that business has the upper hand over workers. Still, not all hope is lost. With the right attitude, you can get the salary you want while at the same time impressing management.

Companies like workers who take initiative. A certain amount of healthy aggression is expected. After all, this is what drives our competitive spirits. That is why the best time to ask for a new salary is at the very start, even during the job interview itself. A shockingly low number of new employees negotiate their initial salaries. The last study put the number at around 25%. This is surprising when you think about it, given the fact that how you negotiate your initial salary will set the standard for negotiations in the future. Basically, if you can’t speak up for yourself today, then you probably will find it harder to do so down the road. So don’t be afraid to ask for more money now. Employers offer less than what they expect for you to take anyway, so always negotiate from the very beginning.

negotiate for a salary

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t have realistic expectations of your salary. You should always have a well-grounded understanding of what your current market value is in the open marketplace. Essentially, you’re worth a certain amount of money as a worker, depending on your experience. You shouldn’t expect any less for your time than what it is valued at in the current economy. You can research salaries through the internet to determine what your salary goal should be. Once finished, remember that number for future negotiations.

When you begin negotiating a new salary, get to the point as quickly as possible. Management is very busy and they often don’t have time to hear you deliver a speech as to why you want more money. Beyond that, however, they greatly appreciate directness and succinct speaking. They should understand within the first forty five seconds of the meeting that you’re asking for a new salary and why you feel you’ve earned it.

Finally, always remember that there is an art to all of this. Negotiating takes some degree of strategy in order to do it effectively. With this in mind, you should always ask for more money than you hope to receive. Companies love bargains also, so management will rarely give you the initial amount requested, but it sets the standard for future negotiations. In this case, asking for more up front will allow for you to get just what you wanted when all is said and done.

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