Knowing When It Is Time To Quit A Bad Job

Having a terrible job can be soul crushing, energy draining, and dangerous to one’s physical and emotional health. While most jobs have their ups and downs, some are simply so bad that workers eventually can’t take it any longer and must quit. Waiting until you have a breakdown shouldn’t be an option. Instead, here are some tips you can use to determine if it is time to leave your job for something better.

Monday Anxiety

anxiety at workFeeling anxious about starting a new work week is often a sign that things have gotten much worse at a job site. While inevitably every worker at some point wishes the weekend could last a little longer, there are those with bad jobs who simply dread seeing Monday morning roll around. Many even stay up at night, contemplating whether or not they should quite altogether. The answer to that question, as many experts agree, is that you should quit immediately if a job is causing such levels of anxiety. While work is obviously important, you don’t want to risk your own health in order to maintain employment.

The Job Environment Is Toxic

Now, there is a major difference between a job environment you don’t like and one that is toxic. By toxic, we’re talking about bosses and co-workers being abusive — either verbal or physical, as well as having to endure harassment from them. These are two things which are simply inexcusable in a modern work setting. If you allow yourself to be subjected to such treatment, it will only cause low self esteem and other problems down the road. Instead, consider taking leave immediately and pursuing legal remedies if they’re available.

The Employer Isn’t Paying

You’re not working for charity. Everyone is trying to earn a living so they can pay bills and get by in life. So when an employer falls behind in payments, it is a terrible sign that things have taken a drastic turn for the worse. Experts agree that you shouldn’t tolerate any more than one late paycheck before you quit and move on to greener pastures. Otherwise, you’re just being a modern day slave.

Fortunately, while the job market is tight, you don’t have to tolerate abuse from employers. There are laws and regulations concerning employment that provide for recompense from employers who break them. These laws are designed to ensure a safe, healthy work environment where everyone is treated with a degree of respect afforded to all human beings. So there isn’t any reason for anyone to tolerate toxic conditions. Even if you aren’t entitled to legal remedy, walking away from such an atmosphere is often enough to improve one’s mood and emotional well-being. Remember that there is always money to be made. But life is too short to suffer through the indignities of a terrible workplace.

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