Job Resources For Veterans

For those who have served our nation in the time of need, there is a debt owed which can never be repaid. Many of these veterans have made sacrifices — physical, emotional, and mental — for which they’re entitled to receive benefits throughout their lives. Unfortunately, taking advantage of these benefits is often not enough to make the transition to civilian life successful. Thousands of veterans each year find themselves without work and little prospect of acquiring gainful employment. Fortunately, there are resources which are available that can help veterans to find jobs in their local area.

Veterans Job Boards
veteran job boardsThere are countless veterans job boards such as those found at and that provide not only lists of open positions, but also lists of veteran friendly corporations that are constantly hiring. These are the corporations that have been shown to give preferences to people who have served their country. By amassing a list of some of these companies — which includes the likes of Allstate, Boeing and Enterprise Rent-A-Car — you can begin applying to jobs through them immediately. Many veterans have successfully relied on information provided on these boards by other military men and women such as themselves in order to find high paying jobs within their area of expertise.

VETS Through The US Department of Labor

VETS is a special program administered through the federal government. It is a hiring initiative created to get unemployed veterans back to work. In order to accomplish this goal, incentives are offered to employers. As a veteran, all that you need to do is to download the necessary application to get listed as a qualified hire. The staffing part of the program is ran through a private organization which companies interested in hiring veterans contact for more information.

Veterans Job Fairs

Many larger cities have specialized job fairs in which hiring managers from companies interested in employing new personnel meet and accept resumes from veterans. This is a wonderful way to distribute your resume to several different employers at one time, while also meeting various managers from the companies and making contacts that may help you land a job.

The unemployment rate for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan continues to remain higher than the general population as a whole. While the government has addressed this by creating special programs which provides funds for training and offers incentives to employers that hire veterans, it is still an uphill battle for many former soldiers. Fortunately, there are companies and individuals who are dedicated to hiring veterans, including giving them preference over other applicants, and training them for specialized positions within organizations.

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