Few Eye-Catching Designer Resume Templates

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Are you one of those job seekers who face constant disappointments? Then, the problem may lie not in your skill set but in your resume. Employers check out thousands of resumes on a regular basis and only the very best gets noticed. Hence, a creative resume is essentially important. It resembles your personality and speaks of your capacity and creativity. It is important to put extra thought and effort into making an impressive resume. It is generally the first thing that any employer would see before checking your entire portfolio. We have listed the top designer resume templates that will surely catch the attention of any employer.

The quickest way to ruin your chances of landing a job is to submit a traditional resume in a creative field. A resume is like an advertisement of oneself. That’s the reason why a creative professional like a graphic designer needs to use the resume to showcase their design and creative ability. Your resume will help to make a great first impression. In case your curriculum vitae comes across as weak and lacking that spark then you will not stand a very good chance of landing the job you want. With the graphic designer resume templates you will definitely stay ahead in the job hunt.

You need to make sure that your resume stands out and catches the attention of the employer quickly. They generally go though the resume hastily. But, with a professional looking template you will definitely be able to assert your candidature. The templates that have been listed below can be downloaded for your convenience. The designer resume templates download option will ensure that you do not miss out the opportunity of making a powerful resume so that you can bag that coveted job that you have been dreaming of.

Professional Resume

Professional Resume donwload resume

Simple and Clean Resume with Covering Letter – A4

Simple and Clean Resume with Covering Letter - A4donwload resume

Resume – Ribbon

Resume - Ribbon donwload resume

Resume Time

Resume Time donwload resume

Infographics Resume

Infographics Resume donwload resume

Designer Resume and Cover Letter

Designer Resume and Cover Letter donwload resume

Stylish One Page CV Resume

Stylish One Page CV Resume donwload resume

Elegant Horizontal Resume

Elegant Horizontal Resume donwload resume

Resume for Designer

Resume for Designerdonwload resume

CV – Curriculum Vitae ( RESUME ) 03

CV - Curriculum Vitae ( RESUME ) 03 donwload resume

Stylish Resume Template Set

Stylish Resume Template Set donwload resume

Online CV – V1

Online CV - V1 donwload resume

Graphic Designer Resume

Graphic Designer Resume donwload resume

Professional One-Page Resume

Professional One-Page Resume donwload resume

3-Piece Minimalist Resume

3-Piece Minimalist Resume donwload resume

Clean, One-page Resume

Clean, One-page Resume donwload resume

Creative Resume Template

Creative Resume Template donwload resume

2 Page Resume

2 Page Resume donwload resume

Interactive Resume from Adobe InDesign

Interactive Resume from Adobe InDesign donwload resume

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