Boost up Your CV with a Resume Reference

Thinking of ways to boost up your resume? A reference might just be what you need to increase your marketability to employers as this can effectively improve your profile as a job candidate. These people are who can vouch for you since they know you personally and professionally.

Reference checks can help in verifying the details that you have mentioned in your resume. Recruiters usually contact these individuals that you have mentioned to make certain that you are telling the truth and determine if you are indeed the right candidate for the position.

Here are some of the guidelines that you must follow when drafting your resume references:

Choose your references wisely. List down the 3 to 4 names of those whom you think can vouch for you for a reference check. These people should know you well not just on a personal level but also on a professional level. It can be your colleagues or your supervisor but make sure that you choose the right people. Most recruiters nowadays tend to ask work-related questions which is why it is important for you to select those who can state well about your skills and capabilities.

Reference Letter

Inform your references. Make sure that you contact your chosen references and ask for their permission before you include their names in your resume. In this way you will be able to give them a heads up that someone might contact them for a reference check. Inform them that you will be applying for a job and that you will need them to vouch for you so be courteous in asking for such a favor. If they agreed then the next step is to get their contact details such as phone numbers, address and even their email address.

Review your background. It is important for you and your reference to review your background so they may know the right information to share when the company that you are applying for contacts them for a reference check. Recollect the past projects that you both worked on and make a short summary of the level of relationship that you had with them including the positive points that will make you more marketable to your potential employer. Furnishing them with a copy of your resume is highly recommended since this will be the same document that will be used by the recruiter when they do a background check on you.

Writing your references

Once you have you have finally chosen your references, then it is time to write them in your resume. The ideal location of this section should be at the final part of the document with a title of “Resume References” or “Character References”. List the names of your references with their contact details and official designation. Optional details could include the how long you have worked together and the best time to contact them.

Building a character reference in your resume is really not that complicated. You just need to be wise in choosing the people to include in this section to maximize its full potential.

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